What Your Wedding Ring Says About You

The wedding ring that you choose to buy will become part of your everyday wardrobe. You will wear it for the rest of your life, even to the point where you barely notice it any more. But what does your ring say about you? Here’s our guide to the hidden messages that you may not even realise you are wearing on your finger. Not only do they say something about you, but also about your relationship – so watch out for these factors before you buy if you have not yet done so already!

Platinum: Enduring Love and Practicality

If you have chosen to have platinum wedding rings, then you probably have a practical mind. You realise that this is the strongest and toughest metal you can find for a wedding ring. This probably also means that you are thinking long term, so you have no intention of falling out of love with your spouse. You have an enduring love which will last for the whole of your lives. You are also ready to face whatever knocks might come your way, and willing to bounce back afterwards just as strong as before.

Yellow Gold: Traditionalism and Strong Love

Yellow gold is the material of a classic wedding ring, and has a much longer history than platinum wedding rings do. It is the traditional choice, and this means that you are likely to have some traditional values. Even if you would not normally admit it to yourself, you like to do things that are steeped in tradition and habit. Your love is also a strong one: you idealise the love of the past, when divorce was unheard of. You hope to stay together for your natural lives, and want to try and make it work even when things go wrong. If you are searching for wedding rings this great site will help you.

Rose Gold: Style and Fresh Love

If you choose rose gold for your wedding bands, then you are not afraid to break with tradition. You have your own personal sense of style and you like to stand out from the crowd. You also have a young and fresh love. It is likely that you had a strong theme or colour scheme for your wedding, and that you were not afraid to do some unusual things with your ceremony or reception either. You keep things fresh and exciting in your relationship in order to maintain the depth of your love for one another. It’s also likely that the feminine force in the relationship may be the more dominant of the two.